Add-on Analytics for 5.000 Objects


With the Analysis add-on you simulate the impact of changes or outages of IT components, calculate the total cost of your IT and detect documentation gaps.

• Impact analysis of changes or outages of IT components
• Integration of current monitoring data as data basis for further analyses
• Breakdown of the costs of all IT components (cost accounting)
• Analysis of the entire documentation and detecting documentation gaps.


Using the Analysis add-on, you can perform impact analyses directly in your CMDB by simply pressing a button. Due to the data of the objects and their relationships you can identify vulnerabilities and reveal potential risks.

The effects of changes or outages of particular configuration items can be simulated without falsifying the current database. Apart from that an individual weighting can be assigned to every relationship. Therefore, the impact analysis becomes more precise and meaningful.

The Analysis add-on provides even more functionalities. By means of the add-on it is possible to check and monitor the data quality of the CMDB. All active object types, categories and attributes are regularly monitored, and their completeness rate is displayed graphically. This quickly gives you an overview of where documentation gaps exist. A corresponding reporting can also be realized.

Another task that can be carried out by the Analysis add-on is the cost control. The operation of IT environments generates different types of cost. In addition to hard- and software costs there are licenses, maintenance and electricity cost. They can be stored in i-doit with respective attributes and can be reported on afterwards. This way you can keep track of the actual operation costs of your IT.