Add-on Check_MK 2 for 10.000 Objects


The Check_MK add-on 2 is the ideal solution for linking i-doit pro and Check_MK and thus – depending on the approach – extends your IT documentation with a monitoring solution or complements your monitoring with a fully functional CMDB.

• Inventory Agent of Check_MK delivers important foundation information for the IT documentation
• PUSH / PULL procedure for bidirectional use of configuration data
• New command line tool for automated data exchange via scripts and cron jobs.
• Extended GUI for more overview about your IT infrastructure.


The usage of the Check_MK add-on can be considered from two perspectives. Users of i-doit are used to a comprehensive overview of all components of the IT infrastructure. Connecting Check_MK additionally ensures that all devices in the network are continuously monitored and that the user is informed if something is not working properly.

From the perspective of a monitoring specialist the connection of Check_MK with the CMDB of i-doit via this add-on offers considerable benefits. With the Check_MK add-on 2 you have the opportunity to compare the target and actual status of the company-wide IT infrastructure. If there are deviations the suitable documentation is immediately available.

What are the differences between Check_MK add-on 1 and Check_MK add-on 2? In contrast to the first version of the Check_MK add-on, which was part of i-doit pro up to version 1.11, the Check_MK add-on 2 has now been separated from the core system. The new version of the Check_MK add-on provides additional functionalities like the synchronization of inventory data agents and sites as well as of host tags, WATO folders and contact groups. Similar to the provisioning of Check_MK configuration data the synchronization is also carried out completely via the API.

Who do we recommend the usage of this add-on for?

We recommend the Check_MK add-on for organizations or user groups, who want to know the current status of CIs from the CMDB without access to the monitoring system, as well as users, who want to further reduce the configuration effort of Check_MK by performing the configuration directly in the CMDB.

Which system requirements are there?

Please consider that this add-on requires i-doit pro version 1.12.

Further information about the technical pre-requisites for the use of Check_MK add-on 2 can be found in our Knowledge Base Article “Check_MK 2: Requirements”.