Add-on Documents for 10.000 Objects


The Documents add-on enables the creation of digital and written documents based on the data retrieved from the i-doit CMDB. Because of the formatting possibilities using the WYSIWIG editor documents need to be generated only once. Taking over the current data from i-doit guarantees always up-to-date documents.

• Creation of custom (PDF) documents via WYSIWYG editor
• Documents are enriched by information from the CMDB
• Documents are stored versioned and related to objects
• Example: Creation of hardware release document


Using the Documents add-on you have the opportunity to create individual digital or written documents filled with up-to-the-minute data from your CMDB.

The integrated WYSIWIG editor allows for customization e.g. fitting to the Corporate Design of your company. Thus, all documents can be published in a common layout.

In the event of a breakdown of IT systems, an emergency manual is indispensable. Because of respective data from the CMDB (e.g. configurations and responsibilities) corresponding countermeasures can quickly be invoked in case of a crisis. The Documents add-on takes care that the printed versions of the emergency manuals contain current information.

For daily routine tasks you also benefit from this add-on. If technical devices are often lent to employees, the corresponding documents for these processes can be issued directly from within the CMDB. Thus, the hand-over of the data protection policies, the printing of rental tickets and the access to guest WLAN are no problem anymore.

External contents

By using the Documents add-on, you do not only create documents. Other content formats can also be realized with the add-on. Wikis and knowledge databases can quickly and easily be populated with data from the CMDB. An online shop can constantly be supplied with data from the IT documentation, too – even for Non-IT objects.


The automatic generation of reports for customers and business departments is also a valuable function of the Documents add-on. Defined data from the IT documentation can directly and automatically be incorporated into the reporting without having to access the CMDB directly. 

Who do we recommend the use of this add-on for?

Using the Documents add-on is recommended for organizations, that need to use the data of the CMDB in documents and that want to reduce the effort to a one-time creation of the documents.