Add-on Multi-Tenants for 1.000 Objects


The Tenant add-on allows the division of an i-doit installation into up to 50 tenants.
Every tenant’s data set is technically divided from all others.

  • Multi-tenancy capability on one installation
  • Galvanically separated databases per tenant
  • Individual licensing per tenant
  • Separated user and authorization management for each database


Maintain your data and the data of your customer clearly separated and audit-proof

The Tenant add-on enables you to set up and manage up to 50 tenants on one i-doit installation.
The particular tenants are divided from each other on a data-technical manner and build self-contained units.
The access to the data of one tenant is restricted to this particular tenant only.

With this add-on, the high data protection and security requirements defined in some organizations can be adhered to. With regard to the GDPR the Tenant add-on provides the necessary data separation.

Core function

The add-on offers the opportunity to divide one i-doit instance into up to 50 tenants. The distribution of the licensed objects can be carried out individually. Due to this flexibility, different application scenarios can be provided. The individualization per customer is still guaranteed.


If many organizations are supported their data sets must consistently be separated from each other. The Tenant add-on takes care that this is possible in only one i-doit installation. Thus, the required IT architecture needs to be set up only once. It takes only a few minutes to add a new tenant.

In this way future projects, integration tests and pilot projects can be implemented without major effort.

Important notes

This add-on does not add new objects to your acquired i-doit license. It supports to distribute the existing objects into separated units.
If you require more than 50 tenants, please contact us. We will then provide you with an individual offer.